Federal Health FAQ’s

Q1: How to Obtain Best Health Insurance Plan?

Basically, there are two important ways to obtain your health insurance plan in the U.S called as Affordable Care Act (ACA) or via private limited health insurance company.Usually, most American people apply for their medical insurance at the juncture of Open Enrollment Period. If you need to pick and choose the best health insurance plan in 2019, then it is the best time to do so, because many health insurance companies and service providers are offering discount health plans for their esteemed customers on Happy New Year’s occasion in the U.S.

Q2: What Is Short Term Health Insurance Protection Plan?

Essentially,short term health insurance plan contains a wide range of aspects like from occasional doctor visits, hospitalization expenses, emergency care services, laboratory tests and checkups, X-Rays and other common medical expenses.

Q3: When Can I Apply for My Health Insurance?

Well, you can definitely apply for your health insurance plan at any time you wish, because it does not have any fixed open enrollment period. On Federal Health, you can submit your application in a jiffy. If your application is approved, then your medical insurance policy will be activated within 24 hours of submission of the application.

Q4: Can I Renew My Health Insurance Policy?

Well, it varies from states to states and countries to countries. Also, it varies from person to person. But If you want to renew your health insurance policy, then you can seek help from Federal Health online at any time. Usually, some states are allowing people and policy holders to renew and maintain their same health insurance coverage for up to 3 years. On the other side, other states are only allowing the policy holders to have a short term health insurance policy forgone year.

Q5: What Do You Know about the Cancellation Plan?

Any policy holder has the right to cancer his or her health insurance plan and receive a full refund within a couple of weeks. You can send your queries at Federal Health online or call us at our official landline number with valid reason for cancelling your insurance plan. We shall respond back to you in the earliest possible time to cancel your plan.

Q6:What Is Pre Existing Condition?

Usually, short term health insurance plans do not cover per-existing conditions. These types of health coverage plans do not include high costs. So, it is easy for policymakers to determine your eligibility for the short term health insurance plan you are interested in.

Q7: On What Basis Can I be Ineligible for Health Insurance Plan?

There are various reasons or factors that could cause you a straight away disqualification from the coverage, including cancer, heart diseases, liver function disorder,rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disorder, diabetes, alcohol abuse, drug addiction,mental disorder, HIV AIDs and so on. So if you have been diagnosed with any one of these chronic diseases or symptoms, then you will be declared as ineligible for your health insurance coverage.

Q8: Can I Add Newborn to My Health Insurance Policy?

Yes, you can Adda newborn baby of up to 30 days into your medical insurance policy that you have purchased for your own convenience through Federal Health.

Q9: What Are the Credentials Required for Claiming?

The Federal Health has the right to ask for identification letters and credentials from their policy holders, involving medical receipts, health cards and other documents. If it is OK with you, then you will be eligible for coverage advice versa.

Q10: Which Are the Network Hospitals in Your Area?

In order to get the best compensation of your claim, you should be admitted in a network hospital in your surrounding area. The reason is that the company has a list of network hospitals and you do not have to worry about finding the hospital in your vicinity.

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